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Ollie is a dental brand that specializes in a unique oral care box. The box included everything you need for dental care in one box, delivered right to your door. 10% of all Ollie profits are donated to children and families in need.

Cloud 6 Studios collaborated with Ollie's parent company, Brio Product Group, to bring this website to life. We helped design different pages, created custom illustrations, created custom iconography, and more.

View also our Brand Enhancement Project for Ollie.


Landing Pages

This gallery is a small sample collection of landing pages we've designed and provided for different brands. Feel free to reach out for any additional questions!

My Micro Marketer

My Micro Marketer connects business owners with marketing freelancers based on their unique marketing needs. Cloud 6 Studios built out their current landing page website.

Oak Knoll Pottery

Oak Knoll Pottery is a full-service pottery studio located in Houston, TX. Cloud 6 Studios worked with the studio owner, Amy Lancaster, to refresh her website and brand. We not only updated the visuals, but we also implemented new features such as:

  • Online Booking System for regular classes and events

  • Gallery view of projects

  • Payment processing for subscriptions or single sessions


Dove Nest Estate

Dove Nest Estate is an indoor/outdoor wedding venue located outside of Austin, TX. Cloud 6 Studios worked with the owners to create two websites from scratch: 1) Dove Nest Estate (the wedding venue) and 2) Dove Nest Motorsports (DOMO), which is slated to be a racetrack and motorsports club on the same grounds. Cloud 6 also participated in a styled wedding shoot and provided direction for photography to be used on the website.


For additional landing pages and website examples, please visit the following links:

We'd love to do for you what we've done for these brands. If you'd like to discuss how to elevate your brand or small business, book a call with us today!

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