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Case Study:
Arnold Marketing

How Cloud 6 Studios helped several brands with marketing efforts, ad visuals testing, and more.

Agency-level marketing at an affordable price point

  • At Angela Arnold Marketing Consultants, they step in with big-time marketing at a reasonable price for small business budgets. They use CMO-level strategy and deep experience to drive more revenue and improve customer retention with expert implementation that’s 100% done for you.

  • Sarah, Founder of Cloud 6 Studios, met Angela Arnold early on in both of their businesses and formed a partnership around the graphic piece for marketing projects. Sarah leverages her experience working on a variety of projects to provide expertise and high-level visuals to Arnold Marketing Consultants’ clients.

Arnold Marketing’s Needs

  • Clients and their projects are living, breathing things; by extension, so are their needs. Cloud 6 Studios flexed around different projects and brands during the ongoing partnership - providing a variety of collateral not limited to Digital Ads (to test marketing messages), Email Graphics, Social Media Graphics, Website Assets, Banner Ads, Design Consultation, and more.

Digital Ads

  • An important piece to any business’s marketing strategy is the messaging they provide to their audience. For many small businesses, it can be confusing to rely just on hunches or assumptions for what resonates with their customer base. Some of what Arnold Marketing has offered their clients includes providing digital ad testing - testing both messages, visual elements, and combinations of the two - to get real data on what audiences respond to.

  • Cloud 6 Studios has provided the visual piece along with recommendations based on our own hypotheses and additional visual ideas.

Email Graphics

Regular communication is an ongoing process for any business that sends things like newsletters to their audiences. Relevant images and graphics can emphasize important points in a newsletter and keep audiences engaged when viewing regular content.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media is always a lofty commitment due to the sheer volume of content that needs to be created regularly. It can make a big difference to have extra hands on deck even if you already have an in-house designer creating social media graphics. Below are some supplemental graphics and concepts we put together to help some brands.

We'd love to do for you what we've done for Arnold Marketing If you'd like to discuss how to elevate your brand or small business, book a call with us today!

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