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FAQ Page

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to use our chat feature or contact us.

  • Do you only service the Austin area?
    We do not service only the Austin area! Cloud 6 Studios is fully remote, so we service the whole United States. Feel free to email if you have any follow-up questions.
  • Do you have an office or physical location?
    Nope! We are fully remote but are totally open to making trips to see you in person.
  • How do you determine pricing?
    We prefer to give quotes on a case-to-case basis because we consider factors such as size of the company, budget, and if we need to pull in additional partners to make your project successful. We also take any size of project - even if you just need a flyer - so pricing for something small will be different than ongoing work. For more details, email
  • Do you provide website hosting?
    We do not provide website hosting, but are totally capable of getting your website hosting and domain hosting set up for you.
  • What platform(s) are your websites built on?
    We are most experienced in Wix (which is what our website is built on) but also have experience in Shopify and Wordpress. We also are happy to provide wireframes via Figma if you'd just like a design to pass onto your own developer.
  • Will I be able to edit my own website?
    This is totally up to you. Some clients want us to handle edits and some would like the project to be passed over on completion, and we can accommodate both cases.
  • Do you work with Shopify integrations?
  • Do you create social media ads?
    Yes! We are experienced in creating ads for all platforms and sizes. We can also advise on campaign strategy and how to test different visual elements for what your customers respond to the best.
  • Do you manage social media accounts?
    Yes, we provide a full-service social media package, which can be customized to your specific needs. We are capable of creating strategy, monitoring performance, and creating content for all social platforms, as well as reporting analytics to you on a regular basis.
  • Do you work with video?
    We work with video in basic capacity with Adobe Premiere Pro, but we are not a motion graphics studio.
  • Do you accept retainer fees?
    Yes, we accept retainer fees.
  • Do you format ebooks?
    Yes, we can create ebooks and other long-form content such as lead magnets and cookbooks via Adobe InDesign.
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