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NK Marketing

 NK Marketing Materials

When I was an intern at New Knowledge, the company was still in its startup phase and many departments were new. The marketing department came in a week after I did. Because of this, there was an opportunity for me to step up and help with the branding and presentation of everything that we were doing. This included but isn’t limited to: Powerpoint/Google Slide decks, whitepapers, reports, data visualization, brochures, and other recruiting materials.

The company was also preparing to go through a lengthy branding process with an agency, but we needed something clean and stylish in the meantime. After all, we were pitching to new clients and wanted to give a good presentation.

LinkedIn / Social Media Banners

Marketing Assets

Data Visualizations

Whitepaper Sample

Note: This report is outdated, sampled, and mixed due to the confidentiality of the material.