At Cloud 6 Studios, we're passionate about facilitating more community within the design industry. As part of this effort, we're offering resources for new designers. Below, we offer focused mentorship sessions to give you 1-on-1 feedback on skills you want to build or to offer you customized advice. ​ If our booking services or portfolio review is out of your budget, we also offer free tutorials and information on our blog. Happy Learning! :)

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The first part of our freelancing webinar series.

Topics that will be covered include *specific examples of how our owner found clients starting out, her tips for new designers and those interested in freelancing, and tips on everything you need to get started. This will be part of a series about graphic design freelancing.


The second part of our freelancing webinar series.

Topics that will be covered include financial tips, negotiating contracts, managing clients, and everything involving income and the business side of freelancing.


If you'd like to receive an in-depth portfolio review with helpful feedback and actionable advice, fill out the form below!​ Depending on the size of your portfolio, this ranges from $10 - $20.


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