Case Study:
Fit Form

How Cloud 6 Studios elevated the brands under Fitform’s influencer marketing platform.

The Influencer Market

  • Fitform is a digital marketing agency with an interesting niche - they specialize in promoting fitness influencers and their brands. Fitform has a variety of influencers utilizing their service for not only promotion, but regular content creation and strategy to grow their audiences. Creating marketing campaigns for a number of influencers requires organization, brand consistency, and regular content marketing.


Fitform’s Needs

  • Managing several brands with regular content requires teamwork. Cloud 6 Studios stepped in to help the Fitform team with landing pages, YouTube thumbnail art, lead magnets, PDF fitness programs, social media graphics, App Thumbnails, and more. Some of the brands we worked on include but aren’t limited to Hannah Eden, Eric Leija, & Michael Vazquez.

Landing Pages

We designed landing pages for some of these influencers’ unique workout programs. Some of Hannah Eden’s programs we’ve collaborated on include the 6-Week Fearless Transformation Program, the 4-Week Rebirth Program. We’ve also collaborated on programs such as Eric Leija’s 8-Week Simple & Savage Program.

landing page mockup.png

YouTube Thumbnail Art

Weekly uploads can be difficult to keep up with as they require more regular assets than people initially think. We provide art for channels that need it on an ongoing basis, along with matching social media graphics to promote it on influencer platforms.

Lead Magnets & Fitness Programs (PDF)

  • Fitness programs are digital content pieces that can be offered as part of a package to audiences or and standalone lead magnets. Fitform’s influencers have several programs that allow followers to follow along with workout programs at their own pace. These digital content pieces require organization, brand consistency, and attention to detail to make corrections especially when the content is being edited by different people.

  • Note: Full PDF’s not available due to being purchasable content

Social Media Graphics

In addition to regular social media graphics that matched with regular YouTube content promotion, we also provided seasonal promotional graphics for a variety of brands.

We'd love to do for you what we've done for Fitform. If you'd like to discuss how to elevate your brand or small business, book a call with us today!