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Data for Democracy

 Data for Democracy

New Knowledge has a non-profit branch called Data for Democracy, which I also designed for. During my time with them, they were working on an initiative to collect signatures for a pledge. The pledge was a call to action for an official Code of Ethics, and getting these signatures not only that there needed to be a website to get to, but members needed materials to quickly communicate what they were asking and what this pledge was about.

Role: Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding

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Buttons and Badges

Some of the goodies that D4D wanted to hand out at conferences were physical buttons and badges. Some of these badges were also used as digital ones to represent an ambassador’s role online. I offered a good amount of variations to allow some customization options.

Notecard Options

One of the informative material we came up with was a card with a purpose. The idea of these cards was that someone could use it to take notes at a conference, so it would provide some value to them. We played around with different styles and inspirations, one of which was the work of Jenny Holzer.

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