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Case Study:
Inspired Method

How Cloud 6 Studios’ collaborative work helped grow Inspired Method’s customer base by 23% in 2021

Not Your Average Gym

  • When you think of workout programs, you typically think of your local group spin class or something similar. One of the unique draws to Inspired Method over other programs in Santa Monica, California is the fact that they are a completely outdoor gym. They do not have a brick and mortar location, and they structure their programming based on 7-week sessions - which is based on science to work the best for how humans form habits. The Inspired Method consists of 4 pillars - Mobility, Strength, Cardio, and Lifestyle in that order.

  • The 7-week sessions each have a new theme. This means that the visuals rotate out to match the theme, and we regular switch out messaging while fitting under the umbrella of the Inspired Method.

Inspired Method's Needs

  • When Cloud 6 Studios started with Inspired Method, there wasn't defined visual guidelines or much customer-facing content to start with. Founder & Master Trainer Jared Rodriguez had the programming down to a science, but didn't have the bandwidth to focus on marketing. We stepped in on multiple fronts - with social media content/strategy, digital marketing, and visuals.

Digital Marketing

We updated the new website to look more modern, simplified, and easy to navigate. This included implementing an entirely new Registration system on the back-end. Now, the process is all native to the website's hosting platform and offers an easy 3-step process to Inspired Method's members.

landing page mockup.png
  • We drove new traffic to the site through native reference pages. This meant new and returning customers could not only register easily, but they could see a workout itinerary for upcoming classes, updated weekly, as well as view their previous and upcoming bookings on their accounts.

  • Payment was made more automated than ever before. This also led to easier tracking and reporting for high-level performance analysis for the business.

  • We implemented better customer-relationship management (CRM) utilizing Wix's back-end system, which involves customized note-taking for each customer, to better track each individual member's needs and history with Inspired Method.

We implemented a weekly Newsletter that goes out to all members - new and returning - highlighting news, important dates, and more. Over time and adjustments, our newsletters averaged a 30% open rate.


Various graphics of all kinds were also made for all uses such as events, social media, marketing collateral, corporate events, internal use, and more.

Social Media

We took charge of the Inspired Method social media and implemented some new processes:

  • Regular posting schedule to engage with active members, which resulted in more followers and higher engagement with new members and returning ones.

  • Reels & Story video content on Instagram, which brought a high number of non-followers to our page for brand awareness

  • Organic and paid growth, including strategic boosts and social campaigns

  • New Ambassador program that allowed members to earn exclusive rewards by spreading the word on Inspired Method and bringing new guests to class

We'd love to do for you what we've done for Inspired Method. If you'd like to discuss how to elevate your brand or small business, book a call with us today!

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