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Hi! I'm Sarah - Founder & Creative Director of Cloud 6 Studios.

I have a decade of experience in Graphic Design & Marketing, which I utilize to help small businesses elevate their brands. Coming from a corporate background, I wanted to make the essentials more accessible for small businesses that didn't need "the nuclear option" in their brand needs right off the bat. I also love working with people directly.

I hope we get to work on a project together!

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Cloud 6 Studios' Story

Our Founder & Creative Director, Sarah Tran, grew up with a background in Fine Arts. She always knew that her career would be in a creative field. Inspired by her entrepreneurial mother, she always had the goal of founding a design agency that was people-focused just as much as design-focused. 

Her passion lies in helping others develop their businesses, which for SMB is often someone's passion themselves and the way their family makes a living. This is reflected in the way Cloud 6 Studios operates every day since being established in 2018.


We want to always provide what you need at a price that makes it possible.

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Angela Arnold / CEO, Arnold Marketing

“Graphic designers are everywhere, but having someone who is awesome to work with and meets deadlines is INVALUABLE. Cloud 6 knocks it out of the park on design and they work collaboratively with us to not just meet our ask, but exceed it.”


Want to discuss your needs? Let's connect!

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